Laughter is the best medicine

Welcome to my blog! It’s about time I started one, right? That’s what I’ve been saying to myself for the longest time now. I’m glad I’m finally here! I am a thinker. Ideas are constantly spinning around my mind. And I’d love to share some of them. There are some real stable, solid ideas that emerge and take root, and then there are silly things that flit about, causing me to laugh out loud on a daily basis – many times a day – sometimes inspired by my own thoughts and observations, sometimes by a TV or movie I’m watching at the time. I’ve begun to notice, through encountering some strong challenges over the past few years, that I laugh no matter what is going on in my life. I find this both interesting and encouraging. As humans, we are able to hold many emotions all at the same time. When life brings us devastation on one hand, there may be something hysterically funny happening on the other. Both are valid and both are true. If we can attempt to position ourselves in such a manner that we can experience each, we can maintain better balance, leading to better resilience, in our lives. We do not need to be consumed by the heavier emotions. Seek out the hilarity. We really are surrounded by it and we can find it in all kinds of different places. And smile! There seems to be a bio-link between turning up the sides of the mouth and our emotional climate. When you smile, it is nearly impossible to remain angry or as fully saddened as you just were. The same metamorphosis occurs with laughing. So smile and laugh out loud – often! It truly is the best medicine …

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