Scared versus Sacred

I notice typos. Of course, I make them myself and am absolutely horrified and try to correct them quickly, but I am noticing one in particular that has been coming up a lot. Since I am an editor of a spiritually based magazine, the word “sacred” is used extensively. If I am typing too quickly, I often type “scared.” I need to be mindful of this because spell-check would not point out this error.

It dawned on me that these two go hand-in-hand. When we are advancing in the development of our spiritual selves and connecting with either the sacred within or touching base with a sacred practice, idea, book, movie, etc., we are pretty much looking into an invisible realm – a realm of faith, trust, loss of control, loss of illusion, and growth into more authenticity, more connection with our higher selves, and more trust in following spiritual guidance. What will this mean for us? How will our lives change if we embrace new ways of being? Does this bring about some level of fear? You bet it does! No one has a crystal ball to see the absolute, written-in-stone future. Fear of the unknown is basic to most humans. We do, however, see possibilities and potentials. It is indeed scary to let go and let God … Let thy will be my will.

Synchronistically, I was just listening to a webinar about marketing and the facilitator, Susan Harrow, the go-to girl for getting onto Oprah’s TV shows, says that everyone is scared to take themselves to the next level. It doesn’t matter; go for it anyway! Indeed! Let’s turn our scary into our sacred!