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Class dates and locations are noted below with the class description for current offerings. However, if you’d like to have Dory present one of these classes for a group, please contact her for pricing information. The class can be held at your location (home, office, corporate setting) or at Dory’s home office in Collinsville.



In order to be successful with your goals – physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual – it is vitally important to find a quiet place within to experience the calm, focus and clarity that will help you to achieve them. Learn how meditation can help relieve your anxiety, distraction and internal clutter, and give you the ability to listen to your innate wisdom. Many different forms of meditation will be discussed and experienced, including silent, guided, breath-focused, body-focused and prayerful. You will learn how to stay focused, opening and closing your sessions, ways to structure your time, and how to create your sacred space.


Taught with my friend, Vicky Hannon, Kripalu trained yoga instructor. This workshop will provide an introduction to the seven primary chakras or spiritual energy centers within the body. It is important that these energy centers strive toward balance so that our lives reflect the same. Information pertaining to the focus and corresponding aspects of life will be discussed for each chakra. Then, through a series of mindful yoga postures specifically designed for each chakra, participants will enhance their state of well-being on all levels. We have been teaching this class since 2010 and we love it! We know you will, too!

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Vision Board

A two-part class. Vision Boards have become popular, but do you know the psychology and energetics involved with creating one? Come learn how to have a deeper experience and connection with your life goals. You’ll also learn different ways to build your own Vision Board – with or without categories, color or black-and-white, cut-outs or hand-drawn items, photographs, words, colors, images and symbols, 3-D aspects, etc. You will learn about the possibilities for your board in the first class and then begin to build it in your second class. For those who love bringing tactile and sensory experiences into life, including scrapbookers, artists, and students of the Laws of Attraction, you’ll love this class!

Dreams Workshop

Do you think your dreams are crazy sometimes? In many cases, your dreams are trying to get a message to you. Dreams can come from the conscious, subconscious, or unconscious levels of our mind, and they can also be symbolic or prophetic. We will discuss 9 different ways to look at dreams and consider various methods for dream interpretation. No need to bring a dream dictionary, but do bring some dreams to share!

The Five Love Languages

Do you know which love language you and your loved ones speak? Do you know what kind of "gift" others around you really appreciate? OR, do you ever feel like some of your relationships are lop-sided - as if you are the one doing all the giving and you are getting very little back? It may simply be because you speak different love languages! Just as someone who speaks only English cannot understand someone who only speaks Chinese, we may not feel the affection, support, or appreciation being given to us from others because it is in another love language that is different from our own. This class is based on the work of Gary Chapman. You will learn five different love languages, your own primary and secondary languages, and you will also examine what is being spoken by others in your life. This will help you see your relationships through a different perspective, thereby ridding yourself of much frustration, disappointment, and sadness. This class is for spouses (it's really fun to come to this class together), parent-child, siblings, friends, etc. Your instructor feels that this information should be provided to everyone just as they reach adolescence - it can change everything!

Guided Meditation for Self Discovery

Guided meditations open your imagination and creative abilities and allow you to access your deepest knowing and truest self. Much valuable information can be accessed through this method - plus it's a lot of fun! The evening will be filled with 5 different guided meditations focusing on strengthening physical health, forgiveness, releasing blocks, connecting with a long-lost piece of self, and connecting with an angel, spiritual being or power animal.

Building on Balance: Chakra Studies

The body is composed of many systems, for example, the respiratory and pulmonary systems. But are you aware that the body is also regulated through an energetic system? There are 7 main chakras that act as the main energetic life force centers of our bodies. When they are in balance, life is easy and effortless. When they are not, life can be challenging and it may feel like you are swimming against the current. This series presents many aspects of each energy center, how to tell if you are balanced, and numerous exercises to bring yourself back into balance. Many handouts on each chakra are provided.

Working With the Rising Spiritually-Emergent Population

This program has been approved for 7.5 Continuing Education Credit Hours by NASW/CT and meets the continuing education criteria for Social Work, LPCs, and LMFTs Licensure renewal. Taught with Celeste Mattingly, LCSW. Over the past-century the helping professions including Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work, and Psychotherapy have been sorely devoid of Spiritual knowledge and application. This remains the case, in-spite-of an explosive interest and need by individuals and cultures world-wide. This uptick in interest is evidenced by the rising popularity of Yoga, meditation, Shamanism, Energy Medicine, higher consciousness, mediumship, paranormal and anomalous experiences, UFO-logy, and the resurgence of psychedelic use for mental health. In this Workshop we provide an in-depth review of the meaning of Spiritual Emergence and the application of Spiritual practices as identified by the Integrative, Multi-Dimensional, Transpersonal, Humanistic, psychedelic trends for practitioners. We will provide experiential exercises, practical suggestions, concrete examples and case studies for determining diagnosis. Ample parking, elevator and handicap accessible entrance next to the loading dock.

Connecting to Your Medieval Guide

Do you feel a connection to the medieval times—the era of Merlin, King Arthur, Morgan leFay, Joan of Arc, and St. Francis? Could it be that one or more of those individuals are active in your life as guides? This class is for anyone who feels guidance from them and wants to get to know the guide better. You will be educated as to the energies and chakra connections of approximately 14 different medieval characters. A relaxing, guided meditation will introduce you to the one(s) who want to be an active part of your life or healing practice. The session will also include a guest speaker, Jennifer Richard, M.A. In Medieval Studies from the University of Connecticut and a Reiki practitioner in both Usui and Karuna traditions. CRN 20725

Reiki Crystal Grid

This class is open to Reiki II practitioners and above. Learn how to create a very simple Reiki energy grid with quartz crystals. Quartz crystals have been used in electronics and all kinds of technology for decades because of their ability to hold and conduct energy. Let’s make crystal grids that will send energy to whatever you place into your grid on a daily basis. Would you like to receive energy yourself or send some to your family and friends? How about your goals? Maybe your pets! Instructor will bring all materials. If you would like to add some enhancements, please bring those items with you.

Law of Attraction - What's All the Buzz About?

You may have seen or read The Secret, and it may look too good to be true. Can you really change anything in your life? Can you really have anything you really want? This "secret" has been utilized and promoted for decades by individuals such as Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale, Napolean Hill, Brian Tracey, Tony Robbins, and so many more - the list is endless. All of the world's top motivators, businessmen, and high performers are aware of the key scientific principles at work. Come learn how the Law of Attraction works and how you can use it in all aspects of your life. We will be making a small Vision Board focused around one of your goals that you will bring home and begin to use immediately to create your life the way you want it to be!

Grief's Journey

When someone we love dies, the feelings that come upon us can be confusing and complicated. We feel as if our lives will never return to "normal" and that we will continue to feel the pain forever. No one grieves in the same way, and it may cause us to question if what we are feeling is normal. Come learn about the "normal" grief experiences in the areas of emotions, physical "symptoms," social feelings, time frames, and so much more. This class is for anyone going through their own personal grief process as well as those who are supporting others in the process.

Spiritual Awakening

Do you feel odd and disconnected? Do you feel that you are not quite on the same wave length as those around you? Do you experience synchronicity and “meaningful coincidences” in your life on a regular basis? Spiritual awakenings can bring unusual occurrences into your life that you may have questions about. Some believe that spirituality is the same as having specific religious beliefs, but it is much more than that. Spirituality deals with your interconnectedness with yourself, those around you, nature, religion, the unseen, the universe, and so much more. Let’s talk about many of the possibilities that can be experienced through an awakening and help you understand that all of this is a normal part of the awakening process. Please bring some of your experiences to class to share, as well as your journal.

Meditation Buffet

Many people believe they cannot meditate, but it  may simply be a matter of finding the right match, There are so many different kinds of meditation, and there is certain to be one or more for everyone! You will have fun with many different styles, including silent, guided, breath focused, body focused, and prayerful. The class will also experiment with different types of music to determine which types  are best for relaxation, invigoration, connection, searching for answers, etc. We will also be learning about mantras and the many different goals of meditation. Dress comfortably and be prepared to relax!

Forgiveness Workshop

Forgive? You’ve got to be kidding! Never! Such is the sentiment of many people. However, pain, hurt, and negative emotions take up much room in our hearts. Inviting forgiveness into your life allows a place for more peace and happiness to enter and expand. Misconceptions can block the progress of forgiveness. This workshop presents much interesting information regarding those misconceptions, and teaches tools that can be used to reach a place of peace through discussion, closing with a beautiful meditation.

Self Esteem - Five Week Workshop Series
Come to one or come to all!

Are you comfortable in your life? Are you secure in making decisions? Are the decisions you make your own? Do you make decisions based on whether or not someone will get angry with you, leave you, judge you, or disagree with you? Do you put other people’s choices and preferences ahead of yours? Do you change your mind based on whether or not someone may agree with you or not? If you feel a little ripple of recognition when you think about your responses to those questions, maybe you are struggling with a little touch of low self esteem.

This is a power-packed package of high self esteem training! Come back home to yourself – or at the very least, give these notions some thought and exploration. Putting them into action should be done at your own pace when the opportunities present themselves.

Let’s sit together, have some fun, learn about ourselves, and talk about how we can take ourselves to the next level. We will cover two topics per evening in the following order:

Evening 1 - How do those you hang out with make you feel? AND Stop trying to figure other people out.
Evening 2 - Spend time with people of equal vibration or higher AND Trust the vibes of your body and intuition.
Evening 3 - Learn to say No and change your mind AND Are you doing what you really want or what someone else wants?
Evening 4 - Only give up to your limit – not beyond AND Release caring about the judgment of others.
Evening 5 - Enjoy life – wherever and whenever AND Don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself!

This workshop is inspired by the work of Catherine Cardinal, PhD and The Ten Commandments of Self Esteem. If you choose, you may purchase the book ahead of time, but that is not necessary. Come to one or a couple, or all! $100 for the series; $25 each

Intermediate Meditation

This class has been requested by the students, so here we go! We will come together as a group and share sacred space within which to recharge, renew, and create. We will focus strongly on guided meditations, silent meditations, and learn some moving meditations. Most of this class will be spent in various styles of meditations with minimal lecture time. Pre-requisite: Meditation as a Life Skill or some successful meditation experience.

Reiki Review

Do you need some brushing up on your Reiki? Are you insecure with your hand placements? Do you want to connect with other Reiki practitioners and share your experiences and hear about theirs? Do you want to meet other folks who practice Reiki so you can arrange exchanges and Reiki shares? Are you uncertain about how to activate the Reiki energy? This class is for Usui Reiki I, II, and III practitioners as a review for whatever you feel you may be missing or uncertain about, or just for a connection to other practitioners. The various knowledge of different levels will be taken into consideration during this class. There will be at least 1.5 hours of hands-on practice time.

Healings and Readings With "The Living Light Cards"

Make an appointment for readings any time! Receive a healing through the use of the energetic properties of these new-to-the-planet divination cards written in "light language" - the language of the soul. These gorgeous divination and healing cards were created by Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D., a contemporary pioneer in the intriguing field of evolution and consciousness.  Your appointment will include a personal mini-reading and a full-body healing that utilizes these extraordinary cards. I used to do this as a class, but am now expanding this into private 1.5 hour appointments. I have never seen energy-filled cards being used in healings before - truly extraordinary!
EMail me to make an appointment

Chakra Fun and Creativity: Playtime With the Chakras

Keeping yourself healthy can be a whole lot of fun! Come join us and have 7 different kinds of fun. As we explore the energy system of our body, which contains 7 major chakras, take part in fun-filled activities to strengthen the corresponding "life areas." We will create mini-vision boards, do some group movement "sculptures," share a dream, creatively identify some personal strengths, and so much more! Absolutely no creative "bones in your body" or chakra knowledge are needed to come and have fun. When your energy system is open and flowing freely, so may those corresponding parts of your life! Remember, laughter is great medicine! Let's get healthy through having great fun! All materials will be provided, but if you are a journaler, bring your journal along. This is extremely similar to the presentation I conducted aboard the Norwegian Spirit cruise lines on the Connecticut Holistic Cruise January 8 - 15, 2012, but much more enhanced!

Who Am I Really?

Ever ask yourself "What do I want to be when I grow up?" - even though you're already grown up!! This light-hearted, fun-loving class will help you reconnect with pieces of who you REALLY are - not who everyone wants you to be. Classes consist of focusing on authentic likes and dislikes, our personal value system, two guided meditations, some interesting surveys, information regarding the chakra system, different languages of love, and lots of laughs. This class will help you reconnect with the real and delightful you hiding deep down inside!
3-hour workshop

Creating Your Heart’s Desire

This step-by-step course will bring you through the process of deciding what it is you really want in life, and then give you the tools for getting it! Based on the teachings of Sonia Choquette, international speaker, healer, and intuitive, you will learn how to get very clear on what your real goals are, what is holding you back, how to get past your fears, and how to bring about wonderful changes in your life. This is not only a great course on its own, but is also an effective follow-up to Who Am I Really? Students will have fun with both in-class creative exercises, as well as with hand-outs for personal self-exploration to be completed on their own.
Four 2-hour sessions OR full day workshop

Colors of the Soul: Unearthing the Rainbow of Your Deepest Self

Join me and Life Coach and Master Artist George Herrick in a process where art becomes soul. The day will be filled with a series of beautiful meditations, after each of which you will create a page of soulful art. By the end of the day, you will have enough pages to create your own book - which you will bring home and continue to work on. Absolutely no artistic ability is needed and all materials will be provided for you. You need only bring an open heart, an inquisitive mind, and a desire to know yourself deeper and bring your life to the highest level of joy! To find out more about the presenters, visit and Lunch is on your own, but light refreshments will be served throughout the day.

Creating an Energetic Vision Board

You may have designed a vision board in the past, but here is something new! Your body has an energy system with seven major points, each governing a specific area of your life. We will create vision boards today based on that system – and an outline of your body will be the base of your vision board! We will explore all seven major areas of your life and come up with some goals and strategies for better balance on all levels – physical, emotional, psychological, financial, social, environmental, etc. Then we will create that in visual harmony on your body’s vision board. Please bring magazines that you are especially interested in, pictures, stickers, baubles, markers, crayons, colored pencils, and anything else you’d like to use or share with the class. There are no limits on what you can put on a vision board! What fun!
Full day workshop

Dreaming Your Heart’s Desire

There are a number of ways to reach your goals, but if you have tried and tried and still feel stuck, there is something blocking your way, and it’s most likely something inside of you that you are not even aware of. Through a collection of meditations, artwork, journaling, poetry, prayer, dream discussion, and sharing, we will review a collection of possibilities around the notion of “stuckness.” With a very relaxed and soothing rhythm, this class will help you communicate with yourself on a deeper level and get to the soul of your true heart’s desires.
Full day workshop

Are You Listening to Your Body?

Is your body trying to get your attention through aches, pains, discomfort, stiffness, illness, etc? Are you listening? Each area of your body relates to a different psychospiritual possibility of balance and imbalance in your life. By identifying the physical source of the discomfort or pain, and by discerning what function that part of your body performs for your body as a whole system, you can learn a lot about what may bring ease and balance back into your life, and, quite possibly, resolve the area of discomfort. This is a fascinating class that gives you power and understanding about your life through listening to the needs and desires of your own body.
3-hour workshop

Grief Support Group and Divorced Womens Support Group

Please visit the bottom of my Counseling and Psychotherapy page for dates and times of my monthly Grief Support group and monthly Divorced Womens Support Group held at the Hartford Hospital building next to Friendly's on Route 44 in Avon.

Presentation Locations

Dory Dzinski has offered her classes or has been a guest/keynote speaker at the following locations and is available to present any of the above for private, corporate, or other groups and facilities:

  • Town of Canton
  • Town of Farmington
  • City of West Hartford
  • City of Glastonbury
  • Hartford Public Library
  • Manchester Community College
  • Middlesex Community College
  • Mercy Center
  • Lourdes in Litchfield
  • Our Lady of Calvary
  • Breathe…More Yoga
  • Invitation to Live
  • Yoga Center of Collinsville
  • Center for Consciousness Raising
  • Caritas Cancer Center at Mercy Hospital
  • Hartford Hospital
  • St. Francis Hospital Hoffman Heart Institute (on-going lecturer for cardiac rehab program - 12 years)
  • International Association of Reiki Professionals (keynote annual meeting - CT chapter)
  • State of CT Department of Environmental Protection
  • Healthtrax
  • DYMAX Corporation
  • Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences (taught three years)
  • University of Hartford – Masters in Nursing Program
  • Connecticut Holistic Health Association
  • Door Opener Business Training series
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines - The Spirit
  • New England Health & Human Services Organization