This is Not About Civil Rights

To be totally without stress is to be dead. 
Hans Seyle

Hi Everyone!

Another week has gone by and we are seeing that our distancing, staying home, and masking efforts are working. Don’t glue yourself to the news, but do try to stay in touch so you aware of the latest developments. 

One of the developments that is happening is the protests. I do not in any way want to get political, but this virus does not discriminate against a political party, and does not want to intentionally take away your civil rights or suppress you. This virus wants to hurt you, and yet that isn’t its intention either – it just wants to survive, like all of us. Listen to the medical experts regarding how to best avoid having this virus. They are right on target so far and it’s working.

Please Please Please

Be smart about distancing and staying safe. I have family members in healthcare and I don’t want them to die. I don’t want to die either. So for the sake of everyone – and yourself – please do your best, your absolute best, to keep yourself and your fellow man alive during this unprecedented time. 

We have a lot more to get through. Everything is new. We’ve never done this before. Everyone is learning and I would hope doing their best in whatever situation they are in – healthcare worker, teacher, government official, stay-at-home parents, children, elderly, homebound, chemo recipients, dialysis patients, COPD sufferers, marathon runners, those in recovery, and thousands of other categories.

Be smart.

Do not take chances.

We’re doing a great job – let’s continue!

Let’s all be here to celebrate when it’s over!