Change is Inevitable

How is everyone doing? For those that work from home, there may not be that many changes. For those that work elsewhere, you may be experiencing a wild ride in transitioning to working from home. New skills!

The memes are great these days – 

At 5 p.m. we change from our day pajamas to our night pajamas. 

What co-worker behavior would you report to HR (co-workers being kids and pets)? For me, my co-worker tries to jump on people and lick their face and ears.

Professional upper wear; bottom wear optional.

We really need our sense of humor, right? I know, I know. It’s hard to keep your spirits high when you can’t even find toilet paper and you may have to make a shady deal in a parking lot for a couple of rolls. 

The only thing we can count on is that things will change. Yup! Oh boy, if that’s not the truth, huh?!

So, what new things are you learning? There are tons of free videos and trainings online right now. I’m finding so many on Facebook. Check out Hay House, SoundsTrue, Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe, MindMovies, and so many more! You can tour museums, national parks, listen to musicians giving free concerts, catch up on your Netflix list, read that book that’s been sitting around looking at you longingly for weeks. Did you plant your seeds? If you have a yard, did you do a little yard prep? Are you walking your dogs more than normal (they’re probably getting suspicious)? There are literally hundreds of thousands of things to do! It causes my eyebrows to rise (at least one) when I hear folks say, “I’m bored.” 

I’ll tell you what … you can really tell what is essential and non-essential foods and goods in the stores right now. For example, no one – absolutely no one – is purchasing shoe polish as far as I can tell. The shelves are packed! So business people, if you want to plan ahead, now’s the time!

If you are on Facebook, do you have a community FB page for your town? I posted my Tacky Rabbit Family (see below) that emerges prior to Easter every year. People are talking about putting up Christmas decorations and a whole group watched the International Space Station go by last night. People are reporting birds and wildlife, and asking how we can all support our local restaurants. 

I can go on and go, but I’ll be back next Monday. 

Be safe. 

Be smart. 

Stay healthy. 

Help where you can. 

Stay updated. 

Share info with folks who may not have access. 

This is about all of us. We truly are all one. Let’s take care of each other.