Take Back Some Control

The loss of control in a situation like we have going on can be overwhelming. Loss of control is a typical and normal response in situations where we feel we have no ability to navigate through it intentionally or influence the outcome in any way. It is both frustrating on the lower end, to terrifying on the upper end, sometimes to the point of debilitation. If you are feeling more toward the upper end, please consult someone – a good friend or family member can be a good ear, but if not, please consult a mental health care professional. Everyone (including myself) is participating in Telehealth and insurance companies are honoring all of those sessions.

People have been wondering about why we are keeping package stores open as essential businesses, as well as keeping ammunition available. Those actions of keeping them open appear to go against safety concerns. But it’s just the opposite. It is FOR safety’s sake that they are being kept open. If alcoholics, or even folks who drink very casually and want something to take the edge off, are not given access to alcohol, “very bad things” can happen, including many ill people running around in a dangerous state of withdrawal, potentially leading to violence of different varieties as well as more deaths. As far as ammunition is concerned, because people are looking at the eventual possibility of looting, people are looking at home protection. It’s hard to imagine that we have gotten to this point, as it was typically something common man only saw in movies. 

But here we are. So much of what is happening cannot be held up to any standard or protocol. 

So what can you do to take back control and feel a settling and groundedness, at least in some areas? Mundane and ordinary tasks can do the trick. Spring clean the house (it is spring, you know). Get in your car and drive around (we are not banned from driving around) and drive out into the woods or somewhere beautiful – Connecticut is a plethora of opportunities in that regard. Do you have extra paint from some project? Paint a wall or a room. Change it up. Distract your mind and give it something else to ponder. A thought of “Hey, why is that wall green all of a sudden?” will give your mind something to look at for a little while. I’m not kidding… These seemingly simple things can make a world of difference. And I cannot stress the difference walking and exercise makes. Do your polarity work – right, left, right, left, right, left. Connect those hemispheres of your brain – bring down the uproar going on in the right, and bring up the reasoning ability of the left. 

And of course, humor! Are you laughing every day? You must! Go onto Dry Bar Comedy on Facebook – the skits are absolutely hilarious! Remember the notion “at the same time.” Things are getting worse – we knew that was going to happen, that is not a surprise, nothing is trying to sneak up on us with a brand new turn of events. Do what is right. Stay in your house. There is a hysterical little skit on Facebook – an elderly, very proper gentleman playing the piano, singing, “Stay the F… at Home!” I don’t know how to search for things on Facebook (well now, there’s a research project right there), but maybe you do. It’s worth finding! 

We have two truths:

Knowledge is Power and

 Ignorance is Bliss.

Here is Archie blissfully ignorant!