Don’t Blink!

If I blinked yesterday … or, more precisely, slept later than I did … I would have missed the most gorgeous snowfall I have ever seen. During the wee hours of yesterday morning, a snowfall came, most probably the last one of this Winter season. It was MY kind of snowfall.

Fat and heavy flakes that stuck to absolutely everything … except the road! Exiting out my back door was like entering an enchanted wonderland. The boughs of the evergreens hung down with the weight of the snow. As I descended down the back steps, the stones were wet but completely clear of any snow or ice. The boughs extending over the steps created some kind of white and sparkly archway to walk through. My car was covered in snow, but that was okay. It was probably the last time I would touch the snow for many, many months. I welcomed the cold, crisp and mold-able feel.

And then, about an hour later, as the temperature rose, it was gone. It was almost as if Mother Nature wanted us to know that even after the very difficult winters of the past few years, she was capable of gentle and magnificent beauty. I snapped a few pictures of the snow-laden branches and 4″ spring growths covered on one side with snow, creating a delightful contrast of bright green and silver white. Be sure to pay attention to what you see around you – we are surrounded by visual gifts like this all the time, some of which we may never see again. Make it a point to stop and enjoy each and every one of them …