Pruning Your Life

Well, I’ve done it again. Procrastinated with sending out my newsletter and, accordingly, loading up another Post. What is it about this procrastination? Why is it so pervasive in my professional life with regard to my class offerings and putting myself out there. Pretty self explanatory, eh? Anyway…

As I was pruning hedges and plants over the weekend, I started thinking about how similar to life that particular action was. For some reason, many humans believe that they must “stick with it” and not walk away from something that is not working for them. That the walking away somehow makes them a failure, weak, or not committed enough. Imagine if we did that with hedges, bushes, trees, etc. Just let all the broken and dead pieces remain. Ghastly! Not only would they detract from the beauty of the plant, but they would be a drain on the plant itself, that is perhaps trying to send some energy to that dead piece, albeit in vain.

It is vitally important that we all prune away what is not working from our lives – relationships, jobs, volunteerism, etc. The identification of what is not working is not a weakness but a strength. Once that piece of your life is pruned away, you have more abundant resources for the parts of your life that feel so much better and where you thrive. You are no longer drained but energized. You will flourish, just like the plants that blossom even stronger when the dead pieces are removed.

This summer, as you spend time relaxing, take a bit of time for contemplation of where you feel healthiest … and vice versa … where you don’t. What needs to be pruned? Take your time. You will know when to take action. And your life will be richer, fuller, and more fruitful.