Emotions are Fine

Another week has passed. Let’s keep going – stay strong, stay safe, stay smart. I have two little messages today about the way we are handling our emotions. These topics directly relate to one another.

First, terrorism. We are familiar with it, although we do not live with it on a daily basis as some countries do (some may disagree, however). Terrorism is commonly described as the use of violence, intimidation, or coercion to incite a sense of fear or terror in a population in furtherance of an objective. This virus is perpetrating terrorism, although it has no agenda and is not committing acts of terrorism with a specific goal in mind (notwithstanding spiritual outlooks). But we ourselves might be!

There are widespread facts, pseudo-facts, and propaganda being delivered in a panic-mode style day after day after day. This delivery system incites fear and terror in some to a high degree, some to a lesser degree, and some not at all. For those who it does affect, hold in mind that you actually have some control over it. Simply – don’t listen. The fact that we are turning on our televisions, screens, podcasts, etc. and listening/watching for minutes or hours to the information being disseminated equates to acts of self-terrorism. We are intentionally subjecting ourselves to information that will cause a state of fear or terror in ourselves, all while having the ability to push a button and make it stop. Do it. Push the button. While this may not eliminate the fear and terror altogether, it will cause it to lessen. Trust that you will receive the information you need to have – unless you are already living underground in some bunker with no contact with the world above you.

You do have control over what you ingest!

Second, emotions. I am seeing a lot of facebook posts that are talking about people losing it, succumbing to the fear, crying, getting angry, and all kinds of reactions – that are being self-judged. Come on now. Do you think that you should realistically be able to go through this kind of a situation unscathed? Do you think that “someone” is going to judge you for crying for your fellow man, your neighbors, your family, your friends, who are going through pain right now? If so, please consider getting better “someones.” Do you think that you are somehow wrong for expressing true and honest emotions of concern and caring?

The thought that you were able to pull yourself together and regain your composure and now you’re okay again is considered desirable. However, it may not actually be that desirable. Do you mean you were able to suppress the true emotions? You were able to squash them down and now you are presenting a false self? (I am not talking about how we present to children – we must be solid and grounded as best we can.) But be careful in what you deem healthy right now. I am not advocating for falling apart every hour – please learn some coping skills – but if you cry or get angry for a while on a daily basis, you may be doing fine. I always urge people to look at their situations and circumstances and ask themselves, “Is this a reasonable reaction under the current situation or circumstance?” Perhaps being stoic and holding it all together at all times is not the desired state a human needs right now – nor is it a logical reaction to the circumstances. Release the pain, fear, and helplessness that you are holding. You don’t need to make a public display of it and fling yourself to floor in a writhing ball of wails. You can take a few minutes and cry alone. You can be angry and throw your pillow onto the bed about 1,000 times. You can channel your emotions into exercise or activity of some sort. If you are lucky enough to have someone who can effectively hold space for you, let it out with that person. But, for your own sake, let it out!

Empaths – please take precautions. We want to be empathic, not be an empath. Big difference. When we are empathic, we are aware of and know of the pain of others and can help from a place of strength. When you are an empath, you absorb someone else’s pain into your own experience. Let me say that again – someone else’s pain. Not yours. If you become disabled by someone else’s pain, it will be so much more difficult to be of assistance. If we are to assume that our highest spiritual purpose here on this planet is to be of assistance to others, we must create and maintain strong boundaries so we are aware of the pain of others, but are not disabled by that pain, affording us an opportunity to step forward to assist in the strongest way we know. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! Not for nothing, but this is the perfect training ground to practice this, right?

I will be back next Monday with my Musings, but please know that I am always here. My heart goes out to our holistic and spiritual community members that are financially, physically, and spiritually struggling at this time. I will be sending out a notification of how I am going to try to help tomorrow – to advertisers. Ask for help. Be innovative. Learn something new. Or just be…. Be in an authentic space and learn about yourself and nurture yourself with compassion and love.

Thinking of you all…

Dory and Archie

P.S. Archie was very disappointed that the Cadbury Bunny auditions were canceled this year.

Maybe next year, Archie!!