Starting to ReOpen – Good?

Well, things are starting to change. I am seeing a TON more cars on the road. That’s a good thing for Archie because he patrols the traffic many times per day and has been unemployed for a long time. You can see his photo below – he was so depressed when there was no traffic to monitor.

As we get closer and closer to re-opening, we are feeling more and more optimistic, but we need to remain cautious and vigilant. It has been very hard on the holistic and spiritual communities, even though I, for one, consider us essential.

So even though there’s a change, I would urge everyone to keep following the protocols of re-opening. Wear your masks to protect everyone around you. Don’t assume that just because you are strong and healthy, with a robust immune system, that this virus can’t “getcha.” I recall a 50-year old marathon runner who ran 84 marathons on 7 continents who succumbed to the virus about a month ago. People of all ages are contracting it. You do not have a super power!

Stay smart! Stay healthy!

I had a distanced visit with my daughter and her husband over the weekend. We had lemonade on opposite ends of her porch. We dropped off her “A Hero Lives Here” sign. She is a visiting nurse specializing in wound care. So she comes in contact with many, many patients and their surroundings on a daily basis. She and her husband (a chemist) practice very strong disinfectant protocols. You may know Josh (my daughter Gabrielle’s boyfriend) from the Soul Light Expos. He is currently caring for a 21-year old quadriplegic young man. He is very worried that someone who doesn’t care comes close enough to him (Josh) to contract the virus without knowing it. He could very, very easily kill this young man. My ex-husband is in charge of staffing at St. Francis. There are codes every hour, sometimes more than one per hour. Things are pretty crazy and stressful. This situation is real.

BUT, do we need to run around in fear? Absolutely not! Are there things we can do to help ourselves and those we love, and all our fellow human beings? Absolutely yes!  Follow the protocols and be mindful. It’s as simple as that.

In the meanwhile, how to we amuse ourselves? There are limitless ways to have fun, stay in touch, learn new things, etc. We happen to live in a truly beautiful state, so get out there and explore! There are a couple of nice sites to give you some ideas: – Connecticut