Gifts from a Tag Sale

Tag sales are love it or hate it things. Some folks can’t stand the old castaways … worn clothing, used books, old dishes, unwanted home decor, thinned bedding or towels … and some strongly connect with the old motto of “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I am most definitely in the latter category. I can’t decide what I love more – going to sales or having them. I have been cleaning out my mom’s condo over the past months after her death in January and finally had two tag sales in August. They had totally different categories of offerings, the first having more clothing and home decor, etc.; the second having pots and pans, dishes, furniture, vases and glassware. They were both a rich source of memories and I found myself nearly chasing some people down the driveway when they purchased something I had second thoughts about. The sales were good for me as far as letting go of so much physical “stuff” – I am a “thing” person. Physical items hold great meaning for me … and my mom was a collector. So there were definite challenges for me in letting go of these precious items. Not only was the experience deep for me in connection with my mom, but I loved the stories of  the people who came to the sales. There was the man who wore a well-loved red beanie on a cruise and was in a cabin next to a questionable individual. One day his beanie disappeared and through casually speaking with the crew about the plumbing problems on a tour through the engine room, the crewman told his about the darndest thing that happened – a red beanie had been stuffed down into the toilet system and clogged up the works. The source seemed to have been on his floor near his cabin (and that questionable neighbor became even more questionable). Then there was the man who had been a K-9 cop. He took his dog to compete in Germany and it came in first place. People share all kinds of stories and are delighted when they find things they love, which delights me in turn. The first thing sold was a stuffed pink flamingo on a stand – go figure. The woman practically ran to it! I loved it! And I loved how men would find things for their wives – they were so excited! I can’t wait to have another sale some day … need to rest now, though. Maybe in a couple of years. I’ll let you know when so you can come and have some fun, and tell me some cool stories about your life!