What is your link?

I often find myself discussing with both my clients and my students that when something more negative is going on in their lives, it is not all of who they are. It is one aspect that may have a broad impact, but it does not necessarily define them. For example, with my folks at the Hoffman Heart Institute at St. Francis Hospital, we talk about how they are not a “heart attack survivor” (which label, though used widely in our societal way of speaking, would forevermore link them with the heart attack). In actuality, they are Bob or Jackie who has, by the way, experienced a heart attack or cardiac event. There is a very big difference. How about “cancer survivors”? This label links them with cancer. For those folks who work with energy – what do you think about this vibration? Perhaps we can think of ourselves as Stan or Kristin who has, or had at one point, a cancer process. We are, first and foremost, ourselves, our essence, our spirit and soul. Anything that happens to us is just that – something that happens to us. It is not who we are; although it is a part of our life experience that may impact who we are. This may seem like a matter of semantics, but energetically it is quite a big deal. We speak like this all the time. I am going to observe myself over the next few weeks to see if I am anchoring myself to any more negative or heavier labels. How about you?