Well, let me tell you …

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted something here. Now, why is that? I’ve been asking myself the same thing. Here is a little brain thread. Is it procrastination? Is it because I have nothing to say? Is it because I don’t have time to do it? No –…   Read more »

Oh brother …

Best laid plans, right? I was hemming and hawing about how many times I should post to my blog, whether it should be every week or every other week, etc. And here I am, going sooooo long without even posting a thing! Alas … Life carried me away. Was that…   Read more »

Scared versus Sacred

I notice typos. Of course, I make them myself and am absolutely horrified and try to correct them quickly, but I am noticing one in particular that has been coming up a lot. Since I am an editor of a spiritually based magazine, the word “sacred” is used extensively. If…   Read more »

It’s Not You!

A very interesting pattern has been emerging over the past few months – both with me and my clients: people not doing their jobs, or people doing their jobs at a very substandard level. It ranges from supermarket employees to service people to tech people, and on and on. Remember…   Read more »

Odd Attractions

Random thoughts swirling around again… I have been thinking about things, items, stuff … materialistic things … lately. I worked retail only once in my life – for 2 short months almost 24 years ago now – at Sage Allen in Simsbury during the Christmas holiday rush days. During our…   Read more »

Significance – Do You Have It? Do You Give It?

My drifting thoughts, which are the basis of this blog, bring me to this today: Tony Robbins spoke of 6 basic human needs way back when he created his Personal Power series. The one that is up for me right now is Significance, which he describes as the feeling of…   Read more »

Gifts from a Tag Sale

Tag sales are love it or hate it things. Some folks can’t stand the old castaways … worn clothing, used books, old dishes, unwanted home decor, thinned bedding or towels … and some strongly connect with the old motto of “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I am most…   Read more »

What is your link?

I often find myself discussing with both my clients and my students that when something more negative is going on in their lives, it is not all of who they are. It is one aspect that may have a broad impact, but it does not necessarily define them. For example,…   Read more »

Laughter is the best medicine

Welcome to my blog! It’s about time I started one, right? That’s what I’ve been saying to myself for the longest time now. I’m glad I’m finally here! I am a thinker. Ideas are constantly spinning around my mind. And I’d love to share some of them. There are some…   Read more »


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